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shores of persia

Persia – a name that evokes the ethos of a culture that carved its own path of art, calligraphy and poetry.
Its pervasive influence traversed mountains, valleys and rivers to reach the riches of India and leave an
indelible mark on a land far beyond its borders.
Besotted by its ocean-tinted vistas of pristine gardens, cobbled streets, and inlayed architecture,
the Shores of Persia collection encapsulates the beauty of a riveting culture. In its gilded florals that juxtapose
vivid oceanic hues, the collection celebrates the confluence of two distinct cultures – Persian and Indian.
A confluence that came to be known as Mughal.
Shores of Persia is a soiree collection encrusted in 24-carat gold and hand-crafted in decadent shades of
zaffre blue and turquoise. Etched on its canvas of fine porcelain is the grandeur of an epoch through floral motifs
and gold-laced vines. Each piece, exemplifying a cohesive design language that is intuitively unique in its
striking statement of elegant opulence.

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