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Fine artistry and innovative design combine to create timeless elegance - this is the core philosophy of Nishita Fine Tableware. Nishita Thakurdas, founder and designer of Nishita Fine Tableware, has followed her lifelong dream of creating a range of fine luxury tableware. Through her collections, Nishita brings alive her own sophisticated, elegant and contemporary sense of design while paying respectful homage to India's exceptional heritage.

Handcrafted with pure 24k gold or platinum, each piece in her dinnerware collection is a work of art in itself and represents a refined balance of tradition and modernity. These Limited Edition pieces are the accomplices of festive moments, symbolizing values of hope and happiness. A legacy to pass on to future generations, a memory to be cherished forever.

quality & excellence

Meticulous attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship is the cornerstone of Nishita Fine Tableware. All the collections feature elegant, unique designs, and the highest quality materials using the very latest in Japanese technology. An uncompromising desire for quality drives the use of the finest quality porcelain, smooth and flawless glaze and refined translucency. It ensures extremely high resistance to chipping and scratching. Every individual piece has been handcrafted creating a harmony of elegance, artistry and impeccable quality.