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Finding romance within the motifs, scripts and landscapes of history.

Tiles that paved a glorious epoch. Leaves that swayed over a holy river. The rosy tint of Mughal sandstone.
Nishita Thakurdas finds surreptitious moments of romance in the annals of India’s enchanting history. And etches their mesmerizing allure onto her canvas of fine porcelain. In each collection crafted under her eponymous label lies the embodiment of Paul Rand’s words, “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”

Nishita draws her inspiration from the little, unassuming trinkets to the most ubiquitous remnants of Indian heritage. A piece of jewellery, a lake of blooms, an iconic script – all find eclectic form in her distinct, fluid style. History however, is not just reminisced through Nishita Fine Tableware. It is evoked, envisioned and unravelled in a glimmering contemporary light. Each piece, a hand-crafted work of art glazed to perfect translucency laced with 24-carat gold and platinum. And each collection, an ode to the romance of an era interpreted in her aesthetic of understated decadence.

In Shores of Persia, she finds the predecessor to the quintessential Mughal floral motif within the tiles that frame the streets of Istanbul. The splendour and regalia of Rajasthan’s erstwhile kingdoms are echoed through the jade green of Lake Pichola in Spring in Udaipur and the emblematic motif of Jodhpur Evenings. With Devanagiri, Nishita romances the archetypal script of India in all the striking elegance of monochrome. She instils a redolent lotus in the home of Akbar and paints it in the colour of sandstone at sunset in Lotus at Fatehpur, while crafting a porcelain homage to his magnificent landscapes in The Mughal Garden. An heirloom sari in shades of a striking turquoise and green woven in its eponymic style served as the inspiration for the Banaras collection Even the majestic peacock finds its place in the Indira collection, reimagined in an inky blue, watercolour form.

Created as limited editions, each collection represents a slice of history rendered in an aesthetic that is at once luxurious, timeless, and modern. They sit proud at the finest dining tables around the world and echo the spirit of a glorious heritage.

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