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Nishita Fine Tableware launches The Arts Collection with a dinner set of Senaka Senanayake’s artwork to help children battling cancer.

Nishita Fine Tableware presents its latest collection, taking an iconic Senaka Senanayake artwork from canvas to fine porcelain. Titled The Arts Collection, the 24k gold-edged decorative platter and dinner set is an homage to the exemplary masters of fine art and a small step towards creating a brighter world for children battling cancer.
The second piece of this collection transposes renowned artist, Senaka’s work, Garden of Paradise, on to limited edition art platters and dinner sets that retain their essence as works of fine art. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these pieces will be donated to the Mahesh Memorial Trust partnership with The Cancer Institute (WIA), dedicated to treating children from the underprivileged community in their battle with cancer.

“As a mother, it breaks my heart to see children battling a disease as devastating as cancer. Especially after having lost my father to it. And I felt I had to do what I could towards helping these children,” says Nishita Thakurdas, Founder and Designer of Nishita Fine Tableware, about the inspirations that lie at the heart of The Arts Collection.

Inspired by the work of Senaka Senanayake, widely celebrated as one of South Asia’s most prolific artists, our Garden of Paradise collection is an ode to the inexplicable beauty of a rainforest in full bloom.

As cerulean clouds part to let the golden rays of a tropical sun pass through, leaves glisten and flowers lift their petals in full bloom. The quintessential hummingbirds of a tropical forest emerge from their sheltered canopies to quench their thirst and taste sweet nectar. A delightful play of light and shade, of rain and sun, of a million life forms living in perfect harmony. This is the world of the thriving rainforest - untouched, preserved, beloved. Senanayake paints a picture that is at once both vividly dramatic and evocatively serene.

Nishita Design reimagines this riveting work of art and interprets it with vibrant restraint on fine porcelain. Hummingbirds flutter in 24kt gold-etched opulence as tropical florals glimmer with enchanting grace. A mélange of pastel pinks and rich ochres are strewn in their floral splendour across the pristine white of a full-service dinner-set. Shades of blue, from indigo to teal, colour the distinct plumes of hummingbirds as they alight on whimsical charming
tea-sets that contrast the drama of Senanayake’s canvas with an understated grandeur.

This exclusive, timeless classic collection by Nishita Design redefines the exuberant richness of Senanayake’s original work with an elegant opulence.

What has been created is an iconic, limited edition collection stands proud as an original adaptation of a work that is much loved and admired. Notably distinct from the original artwork in its form and aesthetic yet carrying its spirit of unfettered beauty, this eponymous collection is an homage to Senanayake’s beloved rainforests. Each piece proudly showcases an inherent desire to reimagine his wonderful Garden of Paradise and retell its captivating story.

The Arts Collection is the 10th collection from Nishita Fine Tableware, following a diverse range of limited edition luxury dining sets, teaware, coffee sets, and table linen. Each collection from this luxury design house, started in 2014, is hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail using the highest quality materials and the latest Japanese technology. Exemplary craftsmanship is the cornerstone of Nishita Fine Tableware as can be seen, touched and felt in the fine porcelain, flawless glaze and refined translucency of every piece.

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